Here are a few of our favourite links:

  • The Orkney Folklore & Storytelling Centre – you will see the range of Orkney Storytelling and Heritage events, courses and workshops that are on offer for all ages of visitors, local people, families, school groups, community groups as well as bespoke Orkney storytelling and traditional Island events for private parties.
  • Great Orkney Tours – go on a tour in a mini bus with 8 seats. You can have a private tour or join others for a day to remember.
  • About Orkney – On a tour designed specially for you, see the best of what Orkney has to offer and hear stories from Orkney’s history and about growing up in this little green Tardis of the north.
  • Orkney Trike Tours – Orkney Trike Tours offers you an exclusive, exciting and unique way of exploring the beautiful islands of Orkney.
  • 30 birds to see in Orkney – The wild landscapes of Orkney and the rich seas that surround these islands are ideally suited to attract a large variety of birds. This beginner’s guide to the birds of Orkney should hopefully point you in the right direction to find them!
  • Orkneyjar – a website dedicated to the preserving, exploring and documenting the ancient history, folklore and traditions of Orkney
  • Orkney Trout Fishing Association – Making voluntary body dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of game fishing throughout the Orkney Islands
  • Orknet – A website design and hosting service based in the Orkney Islands